Posted by Trustpigs August 13, 2012

Innovative and creative customizer Stuart Witter seems to have a not-so-secret fixation on Stormtroopers from everyone's favorite sci-fi franchise, Star Wars; or, at least, someone who has been commissioning customs from his loves them. As you can see pictured above (and detailed below), Witter has pain-stakingly sculpted and painted a variety of platforms to resemble the iconic black-and-white armored attire of the Empire's foot soldiers: an 8-inch Dude, a Fonzo, a 10-inch Teddy Trooper, an Android, a 5-inch MAD*L, a 3-inch Buff Monster, and an 8-inch 10Doh. While it is difficult to read on the tiny pictures below, on the back of the 10Doh custom is a label that reads: "CAUTION — You do need to see his identification. Those are the droids you are looking for." Just like these are the customs you are looking… and Witter is just the man to contact about making 'em!


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