Posted by specialK September 26, 2012

Bruce Mahalski is known for using animal bones in his art work. Actually, he uses bones in ALL of his work. Now Bruce has created a fantastic set of dueling pistols made of various bones. His website description of the pistols reads as follows: "Two bone dueling pistols (with spare bullets) mounted in a custom tailored case (by Wellington jeweler Vaune Mason). To enable functionality and ease of display this one-of-a-kind object has been counter-sunk into a specially made rimu table." You never know when you're going to have to draw the bone pistol, so the functionality and ease of the case is key. Yes, we can crack plenty of death ray & zombie jokes but the bottom line is a lot of work went into these pistols & they are awesome. All of the bones were found locally by Mahalski (as opposed to picking them up at the  bone store). Mahalski stated on his website "Some people might consider it ghoulish to collect bits of dead animals but to me it isn't about death - it's about life." I can see that - its just  the way you look at life & death. Either way, I wouldn't touch these pistols!

The dueling pistols shown above are not the first bone guns Mahalski made. Below are Bone Gun #1 & #2. 

Check out Bruce Mahalski's website for more of his bone-chilling work. Ok, I know that joke was bad but I couldn't help myself.



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