Posted by specialK September 05, 2012

NIke Brand designer Darrin Crescenzi was so taken with Game of Thrones that he kept a notebook by his side as he read the books, notebooks he used to record George R.R. Martin's text decriptions whenever a new house sigil was introduced. By the time he reached the third book, Crescenzi was drawing sigils for almost every house. "I hadn't seen a designer's take on the sigils that I was found of," says Crescenzi, "and thus began a personal mission to craft an icon for each of them. Of course, there's literally hundreds of sigils mentioned in the texts, so a truly comprehensive collection was tricky and some lesser houses didn't quite make the cut. Sorry Manderlys of White Harbor."

Crescenzi assembled his sigils into a digitally printed, stamped with foil poster. The poster is limited to 250 & is selling for $35 that you can purchase here. A must-have for any fan of GoT. 



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