Posted by Erica September 27, 2012

If you are connected with Jon from Rampage Toys through Instagram, Facebook or Flickr, you will know that he has been posting some awesome photos of his recent works. Jon tells us that his latest social media posts have been images of some of his NYCC 2012 Releases! 

Check out some of the photos below. 

Heres what is on Jon's agenda for NYCC 2012:

-A FULL (REALLY full) Glass Case at the Tenacious Toys' Space - ALL 4 DAYS!
-A session at the O'nell designs booth (time TBD - but there will be bundles dropping at this time!)
-Designer Toy Awards Exclusives only available at the 2nd Annual Designer Toy Awards Ceremony 
And here's a list of stuff that he will be bringing along - keeping in mind that the release times and locations have yet to be solidified
"I'm too busy painting to be doing too much planning :-P " says Jon
-NEW Ugly Unicorns, Manotaurs and Cyclops Dinos - Tenacious Toys' Exclusive BLUE vinyl. Painted and blanks
-Max Toy Collabs (a coupe pics attached)
-Chima Group Collabs (the only Wools at the con?)
-Plaseebo Collabs
-Mechavirus Collabs
-Uamou Collabs (she will be selling some of these, and I will have others)
-Peter Kato Collabs
-NEW mini resin (cast up by Peter Kato!)
-DIY Cyclops Dino Sets
-Splurrt Collabs
-Customs UU's
-Custom Dinos
-Custom Manotaurs
-Guumon Collab (I think at the con - pic attached)
-Some Original paintings, some prints and some old (refound) gems (minis, etc.) from the past
-Maybe a gigantic Kewpie :-P
"That's all I think. But keep an eye on Twitter and the likes - It'll all be out there at some point in the next 10 days - YIKES! Only 10 Days to finish!"


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