Posted by specialK September 21, 2012

Macaulay Culkin and two friends Adam Green & Toby Goodshank (both former members of the band The Moldy Peaches) have formed an art collective called Three Men and a Baby, or 3MB. Their first show, entitled Leisure Infernoopens at NYC's Le Poisson Rouge on September 13th. Mac says, "We would take two or three words - 'disco' - 'luau' -  'Hellraiser'  - and we'd all just kind of giggle about that. 'Alright, let's do it.' We have no idea really what it's going to look like, or what our grand vision is, but we would have a good old laugh and just go for it. And I think the results speak for themselves in a certain kind of way."  

The three of them paint together at the same time creating a sense of fun & humor that really comes through in the paintings. The bright colors and the appearances of 90s pop-culture icons like Korn & the cast of Seinfeld hold your attention and keep you interested. Leisure Inferno is getting very good reviews and you can see it for free at Le Poisson Rouge through December 15th. 

[VIA] Addition photos courtesy of Critical Mob.


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