Posted by Trustpigs September 07, 2012

Early this morning, Matt JOnes began taking pre-orders from people for the brand new "Lunartik in a Cup of Tea, Mini Series 2" set. Consisting of 12 'regular brew' figures as well as 4 'special brew' chase pieces, each is individually blind packaged in a Take-away Cup. These Tea figures cost £6.99 (approximately $11) each or, for a case of 16 figures, £110 (approximately $175, worldwide shipping included). These lovely 2.5-inch tall pieces come packaged with a Tea Bag booklet, a Collectors Card and a Tea Token.

Here are — revealed — the 12 'regual brew' figures, each with a 1-in-16 ratio:

And the 4 'special brew' pieces, which are considerably harder to find:

But there is also a wonderful 17th Tea figure, available only to the first 200 people to collect 19 Tea Tokens and place them on the provided Collectors Card. Each of these 200 Super Rare Collectors "Cherry" Teas are redeemable, for free, from Matt JOnes and come individually signed & numbered.

The "Lunartik in a Cup of Tea, Mini Series 2" pieces are available now in Matt JOnes's online shop for pre-order.


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