Posted by Trustpigs September 21, 2012

We'd previously announced the upcoming recent works show by Bob "Plaseebo" Conge, which opens on September 22nd and runs through October 20th, 2012 at Phillips Fine Art and Frame (248 East Ave., Rochester, NY 14604). We even let you in on the fact that he'd be debuting his new custom series, "The Misfits," at this opening. But now we've got six amazing photos of pieces from the show to reveal to you…

The "Zombie Night Gamer," with exposed brain and a belly bag that's filled with slime & glow-in-the-dark guts:

The above "Zombie Night Gamer" with the LED lite brain:


The "Skulloctopus Slug," with it's new larger body and arms sculpt in translucent, roto-cast resin:


The above picture "Skulloctopus Slug" with the internal LED light on:


A stunning "Alien Night Gamer" mash-up:


And the mash-up with the LED on:



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