Posted by specialK October 30, 2012

"Tarantula" is an 8 part animated series created by Carson Mell that's based on the life of lovable transient Echo Johnson. The fictional character is an outsider with a heart of gold (how I love to use that expression!), not unlike a guy you'd find in the local dive bar. Each 3-5 minute episode finds Johnson telling us an entertaining, at times hilarious, story about his life. His monologues cover subjects like hangovers and evil fish, crashing parties, his belt buckle collection and amateur tattooing.   

Carson Mell's description of Echo Johnson;"Echo Johnson is a 42-year-old widely respected but uncertified tattoo artist of mixed race who has willfully cast of the burden of being at all ambitious."  Nice. 

Three of Carson Mell's short films have been Official Selections of the Sundance Film Festival and many other film festivals including The San Francisco International Film Festival, Toronto's "Just For Laughs" Comedy Festival, and Brooklyn's Rooftop Films.

To see the complete "Tarantula" series and more of Mell's animated films please check out Carson Mell's Tumblr.  


Thanks to Cool Hunting.


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