Posted by Trustpigs October 19, 2012

Clark Rotharmel, who is also known as ClarkR and Clark's DayDream Studio, has completed his newest custom edition pieces: the "Flying High" series. The eponymously named 7-inch Munny from the series is painted sky blue with clouds and a circular sun while a hand-crafted bi-plane with miniature Munny pilot is held aloft by an affixed clear plastic stand. Then there is the "Flying High: Head in the Clouds" version which uses the same base premise but places the plane inside a clear domed head for the Munny. Each version will be limited to only 5 copies produced, the "Flying High" one being $549 apiece (worldwide shipping included) and the "Head in the Clouds" version being $649 each (worldwide shipping included). Interested parties should contact the artist at



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