Posted by specialK October 15, 2012

We are fresh from NYCC and we STILL want to see more Star Wars & Superhero stuff. I know I do! That being said, lets take a look at some cool Star Wars and Superheros t-shirts from Junk Food Clothing. Personally, I like the Star Wars tees the best. The Japanese movie poster is awesome!

In addition to their Star Wars & Superheros series, Junk Food Clothing feature all aspects of pop-culture. Sports, politics, cartoons & music included. All of the shirts are designed to have a cool, retro look about them. I love the old punk & ska shirts! Lets take a look at some designs from Junk Food's Superhero series. 


Junk Food Clothing offer lines for women & kids as well. Go to Junk Food Clothing's website to see more of  their shirts & apparel.  

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