Posted by Trustpigs October 25, 2012

As you might've heard (or read) by now, this year's Designer Con is being unofficially rebranded as the Suck Con… in reference to The Super Sucklord's overwhelming presence there, including a fantastic looking tribute figure show entitled "The Super Suck Up!" A horde of today's top talent are taking a crack at creating their own Sucklord action figure, which each will produce in a run of 50 copies and sell for $100 apiece. Today's special sneak peek into this fantastic event reveals the steampunk maverick Doktor A's mustachioed villain figure. It's our understanding that each of those mini 'stashes is hand-cast by the good Doktor and all those stamped breast plates are hand-made as well… and that's the work he's putting in before painting and assembling each figure!

Participating artists in the show are (links go to our coverage of their contribution, if available): Bill McMullen, Buff Monster, DrilOneDoktor A, Ferg, Frank KozikJason Freeny, L'amour Supreme, Luke Chueh, October Toys, Onell Design, Paul Kaiju, Scott Tolleson, Scott Wilkowski, Skinner and — of course — one by The Sucklord himself.

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