Posted by Miranda October 30, 2012

As i'm sure everyone reading this is aware, last night saw Huricane Sandy hit the east coast with historic force. A storm of such magnitute not been experienced by the east coast in centuries. Wide spread flooding, power outages and general storm damage has been seen thoughout the region, and our thoughts are with the people, friends and family that have been seriously effected by this event.

We are about an hour north of the city, and lucky only suffered minor damage, and power losses. The region is still experiencing high winds, and we expect to still see the effects of the storm hitting throughout today and early tomorrow morning. We will be keeping up the news as we can, but any orders that have been placed on the site, or on  in the last few days, will experience a slight delay being shipped. We are very sorry about that, and hope to get back to normal by the end of the week.

The scene in the NYC and outter boroughs was damn scary. I've pulled together some pictures here, that show a window into it. Hopefully the worst is now over, and we can concentrate on clean up. Everyone that is still suffering from the effects, please stay safe!


- South street sea port, under the Brooklyn Bridge. 

- Subway on 86 st

- Flooding at the ground zero construction site

- 5ft of water on the FDR

- LES flooding


- East 33rd

- Subway flooding




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