Posted by Erica October 31, 2012

Our friend Michael MIchael Motorcycle's new solo exhibition,"California Man", will open on November 9th, at Gallery 309 in Philadelphia.

"My art and life, once wrapped in the bright and warm California Man world, has transformed after moving to the East Coast.  I embed my art with the light I take with me from the West, but have embraced the rich texture that the Philadelphia art scene tells in the human story of independent thinking and self-actualization.

Philadelphia was a surprise for me. I didn't expect it to expand my own story with such detail, and I want to connect my new home with the travelgoue that my paintings document.

This series of paintings begins with the West component of my story, and transitions through the woods of Pennsylvania to my new home in downtown Philadelphia. Here, I expect wonderful new tales to share with the East, as the legends change every day." - Says Michael 
Join the California Man event on Facebook and press the "going" button! 


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