Posted by Trustpigs October 05, 2012

We've been steadily showing you Pete Fowler's work-in-progress shots of the painting he created to be given away by our friends at Dudebox, as part of the previously announced contest Dudebox are holding on their Facebook page. Missed the previous parts? Catch up with Part OnePart Two and Part Three. And all of this is being done to support the release of the upcoming Pete Fowler and Fiends series, beginning with the 5-inch tall "Dai Ocean" figure that is limited to 300 copies and will debut at NYCC. As of yesterday, we saw Pete's beginning of background detailing…

As of yesterday's installment, the painting was really taking form. With just a little more detailing work, it's looking almost done:

Then with just a bit of cleaning up and extra detail work, we get the finished piece!

Of course, Fowler still needs to sign the back of it…



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