Posted by specialK October 18, 2012

I love plush toys and I love Veggiesomething's new plush "Chunky Fries". Veggie first created Chunky Fries for the Soft Serve plush show at OhNo! Doom Gallery last December. Veggiesomething's love for french fries & Suicidal Tendencies was the inspiration for Chunky Fries. Will Veggie create a plush Pepsi to go with Chunky Fries? A little Suicidal Tendencies reference for you.... 

This version of Chunky Fries is called the Hipsta Gangsta edition. The Hipsta part is Chunky Fries' moustache and aioli dip, while the Gangsta side of Chunky is his bandanna and removable switchblade. Chunky Fries may be cute but he will cut you! 

The plush measures 7"x7"x2.5" and all parts are removeable. Chunky Fries will be available in retail stores and Veggiesomething's website very soon so keep your eye out for him! 


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