Posted by Trustpigs November 05, 2012

One of the most anticipated aspects of Designer Con 2012 was the Suck Con, an entire section dedicated to The Super Sucklord. Organized by DKE Toys & Suckadelic, the above pictured Super Suck Up! — which was mainly comprised of interpretations of the Sucklord's notable figures by other artists — was a massive draw. When the convention show doors opened at 9AM, people flooded towards this area to see the pieces but had to wait until 10AM to buy them.

The good news for those unable to attend is that, based on the rumors I heard, there were only two figures that completely sold out of their 50 copy run: Luke Chueh's "Sad… Alone… Broken…" and Scott Wilkowski's "Infected" pieces. While there is no word yet where (or when) any remaining figures will be made available, I was lucky enough to score a quality picture of the two sell outs:


While I have yet to see it, the Chueh piece is supposed to have a removable bear helmet and left paw accessories… so what wonders lie underneath? As for the Wilkowski, it's tough to see in the picture that good humor with which the figure's 'package' was made:


Yes, he has a sculpted screw for his lower anatomy. A simply wonderful element!

And, of course, there was also the Suck Carnival, in which you played one of two games — either "Flip the Rat" or "Turd Toss" — and every time you succeeded in the challenge you were given one SuckBux. One SuckBux entitled you to a Sucklord Photo, two got you a Suckathon DVD from last year's event, three scored you a sweet Gary Ham designed talking plush and four full SuckBux meant you received a unique Shit Prize made by the Sucklord himself!


I was able to score a Shit Prize, but you don't want to know how many times I had to try at the games to collect enough for it. Not as easy as they looked…


These Shit Prizes were something you had to win, as there was no option to buy. And it was limited to one prize per person. So I had to spend the $25 to pick up the Talking Sucklord Plush as well. This piece, based on Gary Ham's wooden Sucklord figure design, is beautiful and, if I understood correctly, it has 25 sayings loaded into it!


And while The Sucklord spent the convention doing his Suckathon, interviewing notables from the industry, there was the Sucklord Retrospective Show, which allowed fans to get a close look at almost every figure he's released from 2004 to the present!


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