Posted by Trustpigs November 21, 2012

Peter Wheatstraw Goral, the mastermind behind Killer Bootlegs, has been recruiting a motley crew of graffiti writers, street artists, tattooer and screen printers to create special backing cards for an "Artist Series" of the infamous "Vintage Art-Too" bootleg action figure. The figure itself, an R2D2 from the Vintage Line of Star Wars figures who has been modified to resemble a classic Krylon spraypaint can, is one of Killer Bootlegs' most popular releases to date. For this special "Blackbook Edition," blank cardbacks were shipped to a variety of artists so that they could create one-of-a-kind, original backing card art. The artists? Cash Cannon, Corey Hagburg , Dan Moorman, Eddie Fajardo, Emmanuel L White Eagle, James Ford, Jarrod Hennis, John Santagada, Joseph Goral, Laurence Barr, Manny Tang, Michael Lara, Ryan Lape, and Nasty Neil of Wasted Talent. Also, Hoakser did 2 different cardbacks designs, but due to international shipping issues his card will be available at a later date. The Killer Bootlegs Artist Series: "Blackbook Edition" Art-Too is scheduled for Black Friday release at Tenacious Toys for $75 apiece.


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