Posted by specialK November 13, 2012

Last year toy designer Mikie Graham customized 65 Playmobil figures into a zombie wonderland. That wonderland was called "Zombie Art Project" or Z.A.P. Now it's a new year and Mikie is back with more of the insane dead posse with "Return of the Zombie Art Project" opening 11/24 at Toy Art Gallery in Los Angeles. 

"Return of the Zombie Art Project" will feature 30 custom playmobil zombies, detailed mid-size playsets, and a giant 3' X 3' diorama. Graham hints that there will be "some other MEGA surprises" included in the show. Hmmmmm... 

 The opening reception for "The Return of the Zombie Art Project" will be held on November 24th, 7pm - 10pm at Toy Art Gallery. Stop by to see some blood & brains & say hello to Mikie Graham !  

Below are some pieces that will be featured in the exhibit.


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