Posted by specialK November 14, 2012

Mindzai just announced that they have added a brand new feature to their online shop called Mindzai Daily Deals. Each day Mindzai will post a new deal and it will only be available for a certain amount of time. The length of sale times will vary. Some deals will last for one day while others will last for one hour. Mindzai will have deals like 25%, 35% and 50% off, buy one get one free, buy one get one at 50% and even free daily giveaways. Very nice! This sounds like a great way to fill those empty spots on your toy shelf. Mindzai will announce most of their Daily Deals on facebook and on their website so keep an eye out for them. 

 Mindzai's Daily Deal for 11/14/12 is Jon Paul Kaiser's 5" Captain Sturnbrau Black & White Edition. Check for details. 



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