Posted by specialK November 15, 2012

Shane Jessup combined his love for dogs, illustration & design, & created HACHI Supply, an artist driven dog supply company. The idea behind HACHI Supply originated when Shane looked for collars & leashes for his dog Cortez & he couldn't find a design that represented his lifestyle. After discovering his friends felt the same way, Jessup decided to fill the void by creating HATCHI Supply. HATCHI'S first series of collars & leashes are designed by artists Dustin Hostetler/UPSO, Tristan Eaton, TADO, SEEN, & James Marshall/Dalek

From HACHI Supply; "HACHI Supply is named after the infamous symbol of a dog's devotion to its human companion: Hachiko. Hachiko waited every evening for his owner to return from work at the Shibuya Station in Tokyo, and continued to do so for nine years after his owner passed, waiting to walk him home from work. A bronze statue commemorates Hachiko's devotion at the Shibuya Station, and bronze paw prints mark the exact spot where he waited. Shane wanted to return this undying devotion to Hachiko, Cortez, and all of our dog companions by creating HACHI Supply. " 

The leashes & collars retail for $30 - $35, & HACHI is currently running a collar & leash discount. Purchase any collar with any leash & receive a $5 off the total of your order with a coupon code. Check out the HACHI website to see all of the designs & to get the coupon code. 


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