Posted by specialK November 01, 2012

You're at a restaurant with a friend, enjoying the conversation when the server brings you your food. Suddenly, everything stops because your friend has to document his/her dish so the internet can see what's for dinner. You politely sit and wait to eat your food as they fumble for their phone to snap the picture the whole universe is waiting to see. Well, the new Memoto Lifelogging Camera makes awkward moments like that a thing of the past! You can snap pictures like the paparazzi with this tiny 1.5" square camera without the bother of actually doing anything.

'What?? Wait - how does it work??'  Well my friend, the new Memoto Lifelogging Camera attaches to your clothes by a stainless steel clip, taking one 5 megapixel photo that is geotaged every 30 seconds. 'Every 30 seconds? That's a lot of pictures!'  You're darn right it is, but each photo is stored on built-in memory space which has a capacity for up to 4,000 photos! It has a built-in accelerometer to prevent unwanted shots when you take it off. When it's unplugged all of the photos are uploaded and securely stored on Memoto's cloud servers and the Memoto app seamlessly & effortlessly organizes them for you. See? You don't have to do ANYTHING! You will appreciate the subtlety of the Memoto Lifelogging Camera while in WalMart or the next crazy party you attend. There is no need to embarrass anyone. Be stealth and use the Memoto Lifelogging Camera

The Memoto Lifelogging Camera is currently on kickstarter but it has surpassed its goal by a wide margin and is expected to retail for $250. 

VIA LOST IN A SUPERMARKET. Additional photos courtesy of Memoto

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