Posted by Clutter December 11, 2012

On Saturday, December 15th, The Boy Art Manifesto exhibit opens at The Brooklyn Gallery in Red Hook. Peaking my interest for the last week, Morgan, "The Sucklord" Phillips has been sharing via Instagram the progress on his pieces. For what he has aptly titled "The Ass Menagerie", Sucklord has taken a slew of vintage action figures and kit-bashed them with a variety of random "dollar store" finds. Items such as an A&B selector switch, men's/woman's disposable razors, toothbrushes, markers, super glue, and oddly enough, a can of luncheon meat have been combinded with Star Wars, MOTU, and Transformers action figure parts to create some insanely bizzare, yet cool as hell algamations.

If any of these "one-off" creations were to be inspected to meet safety regulations, they'd fail miserably. But, in the eyes of art toy collectors and Suckadelic enthusiasts alike, these "bodega bootlegs" truly are diamonds in the rough. If you are in Brooklyn this weekend, be sure to check out John Stien presents: The Boy Art Manifesto. It opens December 15th and runs through January 27th, 2013.


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