Posted by specialK December 12, 2012

The big news from Super 7 is the ILU ILU X Super 7 GORZ vinyl figure. The "Strategic Brain Weapon Görz" stands 6" tall with a translucent chest that reveals an illustration of the pilot and a clear domed head displaying his robot brain. This sofubi articulates at the shoulders and head, has connective tubes and is detailed with white, gold, black and blue sprays. The GORZ figure is packaged in a die-cut window box and also includes a mini "Dr. Gorz" vinyl figure. That's hot. This toy is extremely limited and sure to be in high demand so Super 7 has set GORZ up for sale via a lottery drawing. There will be a lottery drawing just to see who will have the opportunity to buy this figure! The drawing will be held on December 13th and all entries must be received by midnight, December 12th. Go RIGHT HERE on Super 7's website for all of the details. 


Wow Super 7 has a lot going on this holiday season! The new Pocket Rose Vampire is also set for release this week. Our favorite 3" blood-sucking floral sofubi is back with the new "Green Hell" Edition. Don't forget this new Rose drops on Thursday, December 13th at noon Pacific and will retail for $25. 

Also, there is a new yummy Holiday Cookie Foster available! Foster is so cute with his pink cream filling and dark pink frosting. He's celebrating the holidays with red and green sprinkles embeded in the cuteness of his 3" cookie body. Foster retails for $25 and can be purchased through Super 7's webstore.

Super 7 has many more cool items available including their Belmont Holiday Sweater. Check them all out at Super 7's website!


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