Posted by specialK December 04, 2012

JR's "Inside Out Project" found its way to the streets of Córdoba Agentina. Over 24 independent artists turned a former museum "Inside Out" by adding installations and painting on the exterior walls of the building. Each of the 24 artists were given a 8' X 7' space and the ends of the building was reserved for two 23'  JR - style portraits. The street art collection has a wide variety of styles with some artist choosing to use brushes & wheat paste or spray paint & stencils while others made "mini installations". 

More than 12 years ago the vegetable market on the banks of the river turned into a museum. The museum was targeted to become the first sister museum of the National Fine Art Museum of Buenos Aires (MNBA). The plan was to display over 9,000 works of international artwork that MNBA currently has in storage. In 2000 the museum opened to much fan fair with an exhibit by Julio Le Parc only to close four months later. 

There is some controversy surrounding the building's future so programmer Lucas Caro created a free and permanent online virtual art museum open to the artists of Argentina. The online museum includes 3D spaces where visitors can navigate the virtual museum using their keyboard and mouse. 

Artists involved in the Argentina "Inside Out" project include Zenka, Oster ARG, Romina Antonio, Seta Fuerte, and Fede Camm. You can learn more about JR's "Inside Out Project" right here on it's website. 


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