Posted by specialK December 12, 2012

This Saturday, 12/15, Toy Art Gallery will be presenting Blamo Toy's 4th Annual Custom Show. Over 60 artists have been invited to participate and put their personal stamp on Blamo's "newest titan of cute": the Hug. The Hug designs vary from artist to artist, but we're sure it will be a genuine love-fest over at Toy Art Gallery! The group exhibit will mark the debut and release of all manner of Hugs including the fuzzy Hug and the great big GIANT Hug! We all need a great big giant hug at some point in our lives. Blamo's 4th Annual Custom Show will be on exhibit at Toy Art Gallery from 12/15 through 12/30. Opening reception will be held from 7 - 10 pm.  

Josh Mayhem sent us some photos of his submission for the Hug Custom show: introducing the amazing  "Hug Machine". This  piece is incredibly detailed and comes with a removeable pink figure. Josh says that The Hug Machine is "powered by love"… aww.

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