Posted by baykiddead December 08, 2012

As brand icons goes, and don't get me wrong, iconography is crucial, Phidias Gold's 10th muse is up there in terms of presence. This gnarley little rabbit can do it all. And to prove it, PG is releasing their long awaited, handmade in the USA, 7.5" tall, solid white resin toy. A labor of love from the self taught perspective, Wesley Eggebrect has created a remarkable first toy that should draw a bunch of new fans, and hopefully customs.

So here's how to grab one of the 30 available for yourself. At a random point between 3pm-4pm EST on December 9th, the newsletter will go out announcing it's release. So head over to their site, sign up for the newsletter and cross your fingers that one will land in your hands. At a price of $35, they'll likely go fast.


Phidias Gold Toy

If you miss this first release, after you get done kicking yourself, take heart in knowing many more are on their way. Phidias Gold plans many more releases in the near future, so keep an eye peeled.



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