Posted by specialK December 18, 2012

French street artist David Bonfils aka Way of Spray drew upon his American comic book and Japanese manga influences and designed a new figure called "Supermannala".  Mannala means "the little man" is Alasatian (a northern French dialect). Bonfils sees Supermannala as a cultural and generational exchange and as a link between modern Japanese culture the street art world and Alsacian culture. 

Both the color and white figures feature articulated arms and head and stand 3.5" tall. The color figure is limited to 700 pieces, comes in it's own numbered box and retails for â‚¬25. The white toy comes in its own white box and is limited to 300, retailing for â‚¬20. Both colorways have "SUPERMANNALA" AND "WAY OF SPRAY" engraved underfoot. You can purchased Supermannala right here on David Bonfil's Supermannala webstore.



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