Posted by specialK December 20, 2012

Dutch toy design company Flawtoys have created a new DIY blank called "The Stranger" that is set to drop on 12/12. To celebrate this event Flawtoys will be giving out one of the 7" resin toys to one of their followers on facebook and Instagram. All you have to do to enter the contest is follow the Flawtoys page and answer the question "Why do you want to win the DIY Stranger?". Post your answer right HERE in the comments and you're entered! The contest will end on 12/25.

The Strangers are hand casted resin and they come in a hand made box.  Sander Dinkgreve, the founder of Flawtoys says "The Strangers are created to provide a platform to express your beliefs, thoughts, favorites, stories and many more aspects. It is important to share these aspects with the world." Again, The Stranger is set to drop on 12/12 and you can pick one up right here on Flawtoys' webstore for $32. Do up your Stranger and tell your story! 


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