Posted by specialK January 10, 2013

Amanda Visell has released another round of her one-of-kind wood idols. This time she's featuring the wondrous palace of Jabba. Amanda has included two Leias - one is  Boushh Leia and the other being every nerd's dream girl; Slave Leia. You know you want to see the wood version of slave girl Leia. The "Jabba's Palace" set  also includes Greedo, Admiral Ackbar, Bib Fortuna (who looks as creepy as ever), Gamorrean, a Ton-Ton, and Tusken Raider. Lest not forget Yoda and the man himself; Jabba. Each figure has its own hand made wood box and accessories. You can check out the new Jabba's Palace set and all of Amanda's wood idols on Amanda's website.

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