Posted by specialK January 31, 2013

SideKick Media and The Cardhacks have announced The Art Hustle Series 3 trading cards will be released in February. The Art Hustle Series 3 has all kinds of exclusive special inserts including Jumbo Cards, Artist Brush Cards and Luke Chueh Stand-Ups. The classic wax cards include interesting info on the backs of the artist profiles cards and art cards. You have a chance to pull an original piece of art because artist customized cards have been randomly inserted into packs. The random artist customized cards make these trading cards even more fun. 110 artists are participating in the series  including Blobpus, Jason Freeny, J*YRU x babyvtec, John Paul Kaiser, Mark Nagata, Lola, Screaming Sky Gallery, ViseOne & Voltaire. WOW. You can see the full roster of participating artists on The Art Hustle's website. Pictured below are cards from some of the participating artists from The Art Hustle Series 3. 

Aiko original Art Card

Emilio Garcia original Art Card

Nicholas Gazin orginal Art Card

Mr. Den original Art Cards

Ritzy Periwinkle original Art Cards

Skwak original Art Card

Luke Cheueh Stand Ups 

Scott Wilkowski 


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