Posted by specialK January 08, 2013

Design company & toy lovers Syntetyk are trying to create and crowd source fund a documentary titled "An Artisan Designer Toy".  The documentary would show the process of creating your own figure from concept to the completed piece. Syntetyk has gotten "Jumping Brain" & "Skull Brain" designer Emilio Garcia on board as well  as "Superfat" designer Noe Mendoza Cuevas. One thing I love about the Designer Toy world is that it is very DIY and it encourages people to act on their concepts and ideas and to get involved. Syntetyk's project supports this way of thinking and has set out to help upcoming artists. Find out more and possibly contribute to the project HERE at Syntetyk's Verkami crowd source funding site. 

Un Designer Toy Artesanal Promo Verkami from Syntetyk on Vimeo.


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