Posted by Erica January 14, 2013

Saturday night saw the (In)Action Figure Show held at the Clutter Gallery in Beacon N.Y. The opening was filled with awesome people checking out the amazing figures the show offered. Many of the artists were in attendance giving guests tons of interesting details and information on their pieces. Below you will find a photo recap of all the action that went down during the Clutter Magazine (In)Action Figure Show

The Super Sucklord caught the train to Beacon to attend the show and to sign the awesome "Suckadelic Suckpax" Prints. Each print has been signed and numbered and pink paint splattered by The Sucklord! Prints are available HERE!

Here we have Ron English, Monster Pants and the Sucklord chatting about their pieces in the show. 

Peter, aka Killer Bootlegs, strikes a post infront of his hanging "Frankenfett" pieces.


Thank you to all who came out to the Clutter Magazine (In)Action Figure Show this weekend! We had loads of fun, and we hope to see you at next months Clutter Gallery Exhibition!! Remaining pieces from the show are available HERE
The Clutter Magazine Family

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