Posted by specialK January 15, 2013

Dutch brand Flawtoys has a new custom "War" series set for release today on the Flawtoys  webshop. The War series consists of 6 different custom platforms and 2 canvas pieces. Both the Zukie and the 7" Munny customs come with their own canvas, which is a nice touch. Other custom platforms included in the series are a 4" Munny, 3.5" Teddy Trooper, 2.5" Labbit and a 3" Dunny. The wood masks give the customs a cool texture. Flawtoys has provided the War back story; " The War customs are creatures born into a hostile environment. The creatures all teamed up to form a respective clan. They have wooden mask and patches to prevent themselves from being killed or hurt." Remember, the War customs are available on Flawtoy's webshop today. 

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