Posted by specialK January 14, 2013

I do believe in unicorns! I do! So does the WWA Gallery in Culver City, CA. As a matter of fact, they are so firm in their belief of unicorns that they will host an exhibit aptly titled "I Believe in Unicorns Too!". The wondrous, mystical power of the unicorn will illuminate the WWA Gallery beginning February 16th and will continue to shine through March 23rd. WWA Gallery describes the event as "the over-the-top celebration of enchantment and wonder you need and crave in a world filled with cynicism and despair."  Over 50 artists will share their unicorn dreams and special guest author/illustrator Cole Moss will be on hand opening night to sign his new book "Why Unicorns Drink".  An opening reception for "I Believe in Unicorns Too!" will be held at the WWA Gallery 7-10 PM on Saturday, February 16th



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