Posted by specialK January 11, 2013

Josh Mayhem recently finished two amazing commission pieces. The first one we're going to show you is "Deathsycthe Gunny". When Josh creates a "Gunny" he mashes up a Dunny with a Gundam Wing model kit. He then alters, repaints & re-purposes the pieces of the Gundam Wing kit to fit a 3" Dunny. The Deathscythe Gunny's head articulates &  features wings that close around the custom just like the original Gundam Toy. 

The "Killdroid 5000 Ver. 2.0" commission was inspired by the original Killdroid 5000 Josh created for a custom dunny show at Plastic Chapel in Denver, CO. Josh kept the aged metal look of the original piece and added the gunny look & style. Killdroid 5000 Ver. 2.0's wings and head articulate too. Pretty cool! Josh is still accepting gunny commissions in specific color variations & Gundam Characters. Check out Josh Mayhem's website to see more of his awesome creations or to contact him about a commission.  

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