Posted by Andrew Hayward January 26, 2013

Created by producers Diplo and DJ Switch, Major Lazer is both a dancehall music collaboration that's yielded an album and a couple EPs, and the name of a fictional commando with a lazer gun for an arm. With a new album due out next month and a tour on the horizon, Major Lazer (the group) has collaborated with Kidrobot to create a 7-inch vinyl figure based on Major Lazer (the character).

"1984: the Olympic Games are held in LA, President Reagan runs for re-election, the AIDS epidemic runs rampant, and underneath it all, the secret Zombie War rages. One secret soldier is rescued from the fray, his arm gone, but his spirit strong. He is given an experimental lazer prosthetic and hired by the CIA to continue his fight against the forces of evil. He fronts as a dancehall nightclub owner from Trinidad, though in truth, he is a badass Jamaican keeping the world safe from vampires and monsters, while partying hard and tweeting," reads the Kidrobot announcement. "Major Lazer Kidrobot is an 7-inch vinyl homage to the renegade soldier turned CIA operative."

The Kidrobot Major Lazer Edition 7-inch vinyl figure features a uniquely sculped head and arm, and will be sold for $50 starting on February 19, the same day the album Free the Universe drops. Meanwhile, Major Lazer -- now under the solo command of Diplo -- begins a world tour on February 28.


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