Posted by Andrew Hayward January 30, 2013

Here's an eye-catching new riff on the Dunny from Chris Ryniak, whose 8-inch Meltdown Dunny from Kidrobot will launch on February 14 in four colors available from different sources. "Dunny went on holiday to Chernobyl, which turned out to be a bad idea," reads the Kidrobot announcement post. "[Glow in the dark] and semi-translucent, Meltdown Dunny is an 8 inch vinyl glowing ghost featuring dead eyes and what’s left of his pet fish."

Each version is limited to 600 units, but getting all four may require some significant effort. The Green colorway will be sold only at Kidrobot retail stores, while the Yellow edition can be found at Meanwhile, the Pink one will be available at U.S. specialty toy stores, with the Orange one available in international shops. Each one is priced at $75 USD (£60 UK, €69.60 EU).


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