Posted by specialK January 24, 2013

Otto Bjornik continues the "Kwadro Kwin" series with the reveal of the series' kings. The photos show the 9" Dunnys but 3" versions will be available soon. Each of the characters in the Kwandro Kwin series are aligned with a different suit from the standard deck of playing cards. So far we've seen the sister queens & "The Four Horsemen of the Appu Kalypso" (aces) and now the kings have arrived. "After a long and arduous journey, the four sisters (queens) were united with the kings whose hearts they captured".  Lets meet these kings. We have Kai the King of Spades, Kendl the King of Clubs, Kavan is the King of Hearts and Kinah is the blinged out King of Diamonds. Otto will announce details on pricing and availability in February when the  royal couples are ready for release. 


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