Posted by specialK January 28, 2013

Erick Scarecrow released a new Classicko Upchuck through his ESC-Toy Shop. The hand made, hand painted resin figure is limited to just 15 pcs worldwide. He stands (or sits) at 6" and comes with a 4" doll vomit clear resin figure. I never thought I'd say something like this but the clear vomit looks awesome!  Signed & numbered by Erick Scarecrow and packaged in hand-cut styro, Classicko Upchuck is available right here for $150. 

Erick & Frombies put their heads together and created Chelly Chainsaw X Zora Pearl Face. This 6" hand painted figure is limited to only 11 pcs worldwide. Each figure comes signed, numbered & sealed for safety. Chelly Chainsaw X Zora Pearl Face is available right here, in the ESC-Toy Shop for $100. Ages 15 & up please! 


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