Posted by specialK January 17, 2013

Protein Network is kicking off 2013 at their 18 Hewett Street gallery in London with Chris Shen's INFRA installation. Chen marks the evolution of television with INFRA, an installation composed of 625 discarded tv remote controls. Shen highlights the unseen technology in our ever expanding digital world by using the invisible infrared light on the remotes to create a display "capable of showing recognizable images in the form of live television." The infrared light from the 625 remotes brings light into the room, but only in the infrared spectrum. 

From Chris Shen; " Each of the 625 remote controls is second-hand, without the corresponding TV set - the remotes were discarded, or deemed useless by their previous owner. I will reverse the roles of these devices that are intended to control our TVs, to become the TV itself. By Exploring infrared technology, I hope to provide insight into a world that is by its very nature unseen."

A super limited run of Shen's first edition INFRA book will be available at 18 Hewett Street from the opening night, be sure to pick one up before they sell out. INFRA will run at 18 Hewett Street until 2/3/13.

Infra teaser from Chris Shen on Vimeo.



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