Posted by specialK January 22, 2013

Here are Shadoe Delgado's contributions to Art Attack SF's "Attack of the Robots" show. The first piece is the "I seeee poop!" custom 8'' Munny. Not only are "Poop's"  antlers removable but he comes with a complementary pile of Golden Poop. What? Free poop?? Hell, I'm in. "I seeee poop!" retails for $350 and is available through Art Attack SF. The next piece is a little different from what we've been seeing from Shadoe. It's an 8" Foomi Shadoe sketched just for the show. While the figure doesn't sport Shadoe's trademark sculpting style, there is no mistaking that this piece is his. The 8" Foomi is available for $100 through Art Attack SF

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