Posted by Andrew Hayward January 25, 2013

Shawnimals has released a limited edition handmade Love Ninja plush in time for Valentine's Day. Dropped earlier today on the Shawnimals webstore, the stuffed black fleece plush makes a perfect gift for that special someone.

"This pint-sized Pocket Ninja stands around 5-inches high, with his arms inward holding a heart for you or that special someone in your life," reads the store listing. "Better still, the hang tag is actually a mini, blank card that you can customize to your heart's content. Draw a picture, write a poem, or simply put those three words that ring true to lovers around the world: 'I ninja you.'"

The Love Ninja plush is available now through February 14, 2013 for $15.00, though as of this writing, the store cautions that they're low on stock.


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