Posted by specialK January 25, 2013

Tilt Warning Customs has teamed up with graffiti artist & sign painter Soviet NSF to create this awesome pinball machine. The colorful, hand painted machine is called "Evil Mansion" and is inspired by the "Crypt Trip" chapter out of Tom Wolfe's Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test. Soviet painted the cabinet & playfield by hand - free style - using over 40 custom colors. The backglass & plastics were silk screened by Tilt Warning. The base for "Evil Mansion" was a 1975 Gotlieb "Abra Ca Dabra" machine that was restored by Tilt Warning. This incredible pinball Machine is 100% playable. Nothing like this at the arcade on the boardwalk. Check out Tilt Warning Customs' website for more awesome, one-of-a-kind custom pinball machines!


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