Posted by Erica February 22, 2013

This past Saturday Suckadelic, The Art Hustle and Sidekick Lab presented "The 2nd Avenue Trading Card Convention" at Toy Tokyo Underground. The 2nd Annual event featured trading cards including the recently released Art Hustle Series 3, Buff Monsters Melty Misfits, Suckadelic SuckpaxSidekick's My Father's Record Collection and Curiosity on Mars and more. This was an event the Clutter Staff couldn't pass up, so we went and took a shit ton of photos for those of you weren't able to make it. 

Tom from Sidekick Lab was personally stamping "live printed cards" using a 100 year old printing press.

Buff Monsters personal Garbage Pail Kids collection was on display at the event as well. 

There was a huge sketch card table with event exclusive cards. By the end of the night the table was a hot mess. 

Overall it was a great time. The Clutter Family looks forward to next year!! 

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