Posted by specialK February 07, 2013

Course are set to release three new sets of  vinyl toys based on their successful Souls Gone Mad exhibit held at Rotofugi this past November. The characters Fever, and the three Omens have made the transition to vinyl & will be packaged in three different sets slated for release on February 14th at the Course webshop. The Omen owls represent daybreak (yellow), nightfall (black), and insomnia (dusk grey). Pictured above is the Souls Gone Mad Dream Edition. This set includes a 14" Fever dressed in pajama pants, the 3 7" omen owls, 6 golden c-o-a-r-s-e dice as well as 3 exclusive prints. Limited to just 123, this complete set of Souls Gone Mad arrives embedded in black sponge in a hand crafted wooden box. The Souls Gone Mad Dream Edition set retails for HK $2980 (approx. US $384) including international shipping. 

The next set is the Souls Gone Mad Signature Set. This set is limited to 234 pieces & consists of one 14" Fever, one 7" omen & one golden c-o-a-r-s-e die. Embedded in black sponge and packed in a color printed gift box, Souls Gone Mad Signature Set retails for HK $1380 (US $178). 

Souls Gone Mad Omen Daybreak features a single 7" omen shipped embedded in black sponge and packed in a color printed gift box. Retailing for HK $580 (US $74), this set is limited to 345 pieces. All of these marvelous vinyl sets will be available beginning February 14th in the Course webshop.  

"Fever used to sleep peacefully, but omens have begun to roam his dreamscape playing with their golden dice and spinning their heads each time they win. While two of the omens, Nightfall and Daybreak, try relentlessly to carry him to their safe nests, Insomnia looms near, attempting to feed Fever nightmares from his beak. Night after night, Fever tries desperately to flee from the omens, but if he cannot get away, he can only hope it is the talons of Nightfall and Daybreak that grasp him."


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