Posted by Miranda February 08, 2013

We were devastated to hear the news of the fire that ripped through the apartment of Tara, Sean and their young family in Brooklyn, NY. Relieved to find that they were in Mexico at the time, and that their bunny Jupiter was saved by a brave neighbour. Our hearts are broken for them, but things can be replaced and rebuilt, we are just glad no body was hurt. 

This is what Sean and Tara wrote on the Cotton Candy Machine blog:
"Unfortunately it is true. Our apartment is toast.  
Tara, Ronan and myself are safe, we were out of the country when the fire happened. Our downstairs neighbor Anton saved Jupiter our bunny too. It was a 4 alarm fire that spread from the building next door. It completely burned our adjacent wall and the roof. We found out from a text message while we were relaxing in Mexico. More news slowing came in almost real time. "They just smashed out your windows" we heard next. The first time I Googled the fire I got multiple links to blogs and news stations with photos and video. It was surreal to say the least.  We lost a lot and now we are rebuilding from a fire. 

The word spread quickly about our apartment and the amount of love and friendship that surrounded our family was amazing. Thank you all for being so kind and generous. Everyone who was displaced by the fire is safe and that is the most important thing."
So right now I know you are asking yourself, "What can i do to help?"... And here is the answer. Cotton Candy Machine will be releasing 2 new prints to help recoup some of the loss. Both of these prints will be Timed Releases and available now, until the 15th of the month (Feb). These are the first timed release prints Tara has produced and the size of the run will be determined by how many prints are purchased between now and the15th.  
"The Love Space Gives is a Deep as the Oceans "
by Tara McPherson


24" x 24"

Signed and Numbered

Edition size will be determined by the number of prints ordered

Giclee on Somerset Velvet Paper

Printed with Archival Inks
Buy Now

This new giclee by Tara is from a painting that was part of her Bunny in the Moon solo show and the cover of her newest book by the same name, Bunny in the Moon.
Bunny In The Moon

by Tara McPherson 


8.5" x 11"

Signed and Numbered

Edition size will be determined by the number of prints ordered

Giclee on Somerset Velvet Paper

Printed with Archival Inks

This new giclee by Tara is the title piece from her Bunny in the Moon solo show and featured in her newest book Bunny in the Moon.

*This will be a timed print release only available from February 7th to the 15th. Due to the circumstances with the fire the prints will be shipping at the end of March. 

There is no limit on how many prints you can order. If you can please buy them both and buy one for a friend. 


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