Posted by specialK February 06, 2013

Ok! Super 7! Bwanna Spoons' "love letter written in vinyl" Valentine's Day Frederick the Beetle is cast in pink vinyl with sprays of red & white especially for Valentine's Day. The little bugger measures 4" tall and articulates at the waist. A piece of Valentine's Day Chocolate will be added to each package as a special bonus of love. Valentine's Day Frederick the Beetle will be available for $35 at Super 7's Webstore on February 7th 

Rose Vampire is going "four-wheeling" in that casket cruiser of his, tearing up fields and kicking up mud. I bet he's blasting some cheezy hair metal on the casket cruiser's radio.  The Off Road Casket Cruiser is cast in neon green vinyl with brown "mud" splatters & sprays of blue, yellow & red. Measuring 4" with a poseable head, The Off Road Casket Cruiser features metal axels and soft pvc wheels for maximum cruising action. Retailing for $65, The Off Road Casket Cruiser will be available in Super 7's webstore beginning February 21st. 





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