Posted by specialK February 08, 2013

Otto Björnik sent over some photos of his latest commissioned piece. It's an eight inch geisha Dunny named Hitomi and she's painted in Otto's signature black, white and red colors and sporting those Otto Björnik eyes! Hitomi is wearing flowers in her hair as well as a bright white kimono. The white kimono is beautifully detailed with flowers outlined in black and a bright red obi sash. Visit Otto's website to see more of his customs and creations. 

No one quite knew how they were disappearing. They were yakuza, after all, gruff and fearless and able to take care of themselves. But as they went missing one by one, whispers started to circulate among the locals of a one-eyed sushi with a taste for mean blood or a flaming wasabi ronin bent on revenge. 

Only Hitomi, the dainty geisha famed for her alluring eyes and siren singing, knew the truth. Smiling to herself in the mirror, she touched up her crimson lips and hid a pair of razor-like chopsticks in the secret compartment of her geta. She had an appointment tonight with Kenta of the Yamaguchi-gumi. Their first meeting would be his last. 



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