Posted by specialK February 11, 2013

Our friend Gavin Strange AKA Jam Factory gives the world a view of the creative process of making and producing his vinyl Droplets series. Together with Hong Kong based toy brand Crazy Label, Jam Factory has released several series of vinyl toys including Droplets. In this series of photographs Jam Factory gives us a step by step view of how the Droplet series went from a mere sketch to a finished toy to a full series. Very interesting! [VIA]

STEP 1: Ideas & rough sketches

STEP 2: Detailed sketch


STEP 3: A bit more detailed....

STEP 4: Start digital refinement

STEP 5: Refined Vector Drawing 

STEP 6: First sculpts

STEP 7: Revised Sculpt

STEP 8: Ready for Production! 

STEP 9: First Colorway designs

STEP 10: Final Prototype!

STEP 11: Package design 

STEP 12: Finished Droplets Series 1

STEP 13: Onto Series 2 Colorways

STEP 14: Series 2 prototype

STEP 15: New back graphics!

STEP 16: Finished Droplets Series 2

STEP 17: Series 2 all packed & ready to go




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