Posted by Nick February 05, 2013

Ok well we all knew this was coming, or at least you did if you saw my post a few months back before Kaws participated in the Macy's Day Parade (pics below). Hypebeast posted the pic up without stating it's origin, so i have to hope that i'm posting up a genuine tease of the figure. I say I hope because for me this doesn't look like the figure I spotted in previous clips.

So yes I have a few hypothesees about this figure, so i'm just gonna start writing and see what comes out, cos Hypebeast just posted the picture without actually analysing it too much. So this is supposedly the vinyl version of what is probably Kaws biggest work, the seated companion which has toured the globe, but i dont think it looks quite right for these reasons:

The quality of the sculpt

The shinyness of the material

The height of the seat

OK so thats pretty flimsy when you boil it down to that, but hear me out. For one the shiny material is something Kaws hasn't used before on a figure and i don't think he would stray from his regular materials, except for a special occasion. But the shiny material does highlight the sculpt of the figure and for me just looking at it I feel that the hands look chunkier and less well defined than in the previous teasers and on the Astroboy and there is something definitely wrong with the feet for a Kaws figure - Kaws x medicom figures are always perfect and it's pretty hard to mess up when you have the biggest sculpt ever to base the design on. 

I can't be sure on the height of the seat, hard to judge on that angle but it seems alot lower than it should be, possibly forcing a shorter leg for it to match up. 

so thats my flimsy evidence... and based on that i'm gonna say that this figure is either one of the many fakes out there already of this figure, or more likely, this is a smaller bronze figure special release that isn't from Medicom which explains the imperfect sculpt due to the size and material used, but also explains the shinyness... or its fake.... or a shit version of an awesome looking toy, or it could all be that awful black making it look like trash.

and i'm either a great detective, or just talking out my ass - have fun! Oh and HB talks a load of crap about it possibly being the last Original Fake figure release, who cares - Kaws & Medicom will make toys again, pretty much guaranteed!

UPDATE: Ok i was right... kinda - i had double checked these against the easy to find fakes on the interweb, but thought that the bases were different so discounted them. I took another look thanks to Clutter Facebook follower: Benjamin Pierce and saw that the fake base does appear to be the same. So it's FAKE. Kinda disappointed its not a mini bronze now. boooooo. but more disappointed in Hypebeast!! you suck!





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